Only Real N... Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 3:52
Soulja Slim
Only for the real, *****z who I **** with
Know what I'm sayin'?
REal *****z gon' feel this ****
Cause its only who I **** with
Know what I'm sayin'?

Show by hands
Put 'em up in the air if you bout makin' dollars
And you be bout this real ****
That be to hard to swallow
Come, follow?
Me to the land
The home of the soldiers
If not committed they will cut throat ya
Play brawl then go to
Soldier streets but don't sleeps
And shots to knock ya off ya feet
Specialise in assassinatin', all bustas who be soldier hatin'
My bodygaurd is the Lord
Mines in the back of my head
My dogg, a born killa
Treal *****
Been runnin' with me since I was small
a lot of y'all probably know him, then again ya probably don't
Cause its sung to strugglin' that be ridin'
With head biters in the trunk
Elliotts name was double crosser
He'll double cross ya, when he woulda taught ya
Told me not to get my hand dirty
He'll be my ***** tosser
Tellin' me to do my rap thing
No Limit bring me out there
Just chill, and make my mills
With my skills and keep it real

That's a, born killa
1- A treal *****
2+3- Big time, dope dealer
A real *****, that get it how I live on it
**** with born killas, dope dealers and real *****z
Ill *****z, and treal *****z
That get it how the live *****
Born killaz
Dope dealers
And treal *****z
That get it how they live

The real *****z, stay real
And the fakes stay fake
And you's a busta type *****
Then stay the **** outta my face
Because I'm tryin' to stay busta free
But y'all not hearin' me
Its nuts or cuffs
Get it how you live, on these city streets
And every ***** roam,
Gotta be Bout It Bout It
*****z pourin' syrup in the game
They not bein' solid
And that's the busta type
*****z I can't **** with so I stay my distance
And run with real soldiers that love me
Only a handfull, duck and holler back
Real *****z for sure got my back
All about the combat
All of the rest of 'em dead
Bread, ridin' red
A big dope dealer I used to **** with doin' time in the vet
No need to say his name, my ***** used to slang them thangs
O-Z's and kilos
Heard the smack mayne
He used to give me grams
Never wanted to give me weight
He knew my habit, had me out there, he was goin' to get blazed
I respect that by me bein' an addict
I was, here I had to snort about half a gram to get me a buzz


I got sent to the old jail, where a lot of *****z don't survive
I rolled on the till bout a quarter of five
Got up early in the mornin'
Four feet up old mill
Guess who till rep
My dogg Cheer Will
He gave me five scoops, cause I just rolled in
But I gave that **** away
Cause my head bone bent
A murder charge in three attempts
What the **** you expectin'?
I'm facin' life in prison, with a leathal injection
But these **** suckin' DA's
They refuse the charge
I rolled off B1, makin' boo-koo noise
Screamin' those *****es can't hold a Soulja like me down
Then my pajamas, socks and T-shirts, with a tank from ? town
I ain't stay out, cause thirty days
I come right back in this *****
Probation violation, gotta do a year in six
I bet you **** suckers won't see me
No motha****in' more
I got big plans, ya understand?
By slangin' lyrics like dope
To all my people locked down, y'all be home in a second
Just keep it real, and stay treal and make them *****es respect ya

Chorus-3 till end

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