Rata Tata Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Soulja Slim Years Later cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 3:01

It's cut throat to the bizzone
Ya heard MEEE
Yea, this how we get down
And it goes like

[Hook 4x]
Rata Tata
Tata tata
Tata tata
Tata tata
Tata tata BOOM!

[Verse 1]
Life! if you live it trife then you gotta pay the price
Think twice before you shake 'em up and roll them dice
We all die, but why so soon from the womb to the tomb
We gets rata tata'd tata tata BOOM
Same tune, "they ain't have to do him like that"
Closed casket, emptied 32 out the mac
Face off, something makeup can't replace dawg
Yea I knew him, and I knew the killers that done it to him
But I mind mines, in a way it's better him than me
It ain't like we was runnin, but we got loaded back in the g
You know how that go, I still show sympathy and tilt my hat though
I might go view the body, I'ono if I'mma make the funeral
And all the hot girls that used to twerk, claim they had work
But quick to say, "save me one of his t-shirts"
But later on that night they be at the DJ backin' that ass off Jubilee
Reminiscing how they used to be

[Hook 4x]

[Verse 2]
Could you picture your own death before you die
When I die, I wanna know who in the fuck gone ride
It hurt inside to make me even think like that
But on the real, will my soldiers let me get spanked like that
Who killed Pac, who killed Biggie, it's a mystery
Unsolved murders that made history, in the industry
I send my prayers to both of em, they livened up the rap game
Showed me how to maintain and watch over my chain
Still wear my vest from day to day, no it can't stop a AK
But run down on me with a handgun I might can stand one
But not too many
My reaction is to start blastin letting of 20
Hit anybody in the way of my trigger play
No kids though, I play the game how it go
I retaliate, but not like last funky 4
From '94 to '95 and '96
Momma prayed for her baby cause I stayed in war(raw) shit
Above the law shit, raw shit, nigga feel me
Been to prison for 2 years, still think a nigga wanna kill me
So I'm riding hot, I'd rather get caught with it than without it
If I could I'd make moves with momma cause she all the way 'bout it

[Hook 8x]

This one goes out to all the Magnolia, Calio, Melphamene
Ya understand, UTP, Ya understand ME
Cutthroat to the bone and nuttin else

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