Smoked Out Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:45

Oh man, here come this bitch here
(Say Slim, let me hit that)
Bitch you better get out my motherfuckin' face
I ain't got nothing for you
I don't know where your mouth been at
You talking about let you hit this
(Don't fucking play with me, I just asked you to hit your shit)
No, no bitch, no
You know what I'm saying
Fuck ya

[?] be blowing some sticky

You not invited to my smoke out, my smoke out
So you might as well get the fuck out, the fuck out
I ain't never ever smoked with you, smoked with you
Snorted coke or snorted dope with you, dope with you

[Verse 1]
You niggas got that shit real bad, I'm still mad
Straight play me like a [?]
I don't need no fucking friends no, while I'm in for the indo
Just brought what I brought from Cali for me
Ain't none of this in the N.O
Get mad [?] fuck you want but I'm smoking skunk
Followed by a camo hunk that keep it crunk
I know my lungs dirty, dirty but I ain't worried
Think I'm a joke like my name was [?]
I got some [?] player, that's [?] player
[?] player, I jab left
You think cause my eyes [?] tight, better have no sight
You got me down bad am I right
[?] and whatever else after that
Carry on, bust 'em open like a bottle
I out smoke your whole clique by myself
And tell y'all if y'all don't smoke too much, that's bad for your health


[Verse 2]
I got that shit that killed Kennedy
Who got the [?]
[?] on my smoke out drop drawers
Break it off, take it off, just let me see
Got a [?]
How I'm a dog, nigga roll nigga in the game
I want mines and all niggas in the lose change
Gotta get it while it's good cause if it's not
[?] me and my committee, we keep blocks
Each cocked [?] me up
I'm going out like Tony Montana, [?] me up
Won't give a [?] motherfuck who could touch
Fuck with us and [?] come with the head bust
Nino black, my [?]
Uptown gun toters and [?] slangers
Keep it killer, on the reala for [?]
Til the cell filled up with [?]


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  • 8 Slim Pimpin'
  • 9 Bout Dis Shit
  • 10 Smoked Out
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  • 12 Bossman
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