Souljas on My Feet Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Soulja Slim Years Later cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 5:02

I'ma roll to the rhythm and just bump to the beat
And stomp with my motherfucking Souljas on my feet

[Verse 1]
Pay close attention, bow, face
Hold up my nigga, I'm stringing up my shoe lace of my
Black Soulja Reeboks, I been through some shit with 'em
Gotta fresh pair when it's time to bust a fit with 'em
And they hitting for 70 don't never say them bitches cheap
And if they go on sell that whole 'Nolia goin make that creep
And if a nigga got stomped in the dance
That 'Nolia got the charge cause we never used our hands
We left the Reebok print in a nigga face get bucked up off that boot up shit
Now who the bitch in the hospital
Colors in the colors on the motherfuckin nautical
So put it in a article cause I know y'all never seen nothing like that
Nigga getting stomped by the whole Magnolia Soulja's
Bitch I thought I told ya
The last time in my last rhyme when I used to kick it 49
But now chilling, fucking with this hoe call herself a villain
And they call her brother big dope dealing
Troy, he got that boy
Slanging it by the zips but keep two Glocks by his motherfucking hips
I went to kickin with em'
He said "Boys," he ain't believe in that
His fuckin boys was his motherfucking gats
I called Joe Will and Duck cuz yo they bout some capers
I could see it, it's so easy he's bout to make us
Do a 211 with a chrome AK-47 and the Mac-9, and a 38
I see you in heaven
But yo I'm stunting cause hell is where I'm going
I could see myself getting it right now


Damn, I forgot the rest of that motherfucking verse man
You understand
KL, I forgot the rest of the verse
Oh I got it, I got it
Here it is

[Verse 2]
Look I'm stringing up my Souljas real tight
Cause ain't no telling what goes on, when a nigga's on the flight, aight
Some niggas running through the cut with K's and shit
Representing they fucking self like Warren Mays and shit
And, I'm trying to get some shelter
Cause ain't no motherfuckin hallway gon' help ya
Ya know nephew, but them souljas was ready for that so went to banging back
I seen the K Logga Black had
Actin bad like that bih was mac
And I'm duckin' and dodgin'
Glass went in my fucking hand
I caught some shelter, my Souljas, they was full of sand
The house I'm in, this nigga said he had a Glock
But them niggas got K's, I'm start poppin' when them niggas stop
And try to get to their getaway car
Look here, that bitch better not be far
Cause if it is, the after effect ain't gonna be nothing nice
I started popping nigga got spooked, dropped his merchandise
Trying to run from a gun but he couldn't make it home
Caught up with him, bust that bitch upside his fucking dome
With the pistol, and whistle down to the court and say "I got him"
With a white t-shirt and a white pair of souljas how couldn't I spot him?
Now I got him on his knees begging me please
Not to pump him, all us gathered round and we stomped him
And left 'em stanking in the 6th street circle
In less than ten minutes, that nigga turned green and purple
Now them Souljas wanted for manslaughter
It's the year 2002, I could afford me a lawyer


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