Talk Now Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:38

[Hook: Traci & Soulja Slim]
Uh-huh bitches what (x3)
Y'all ain't talking bout nothing
Uh-uh nigga what (x3)
Y'all ain't talking bout nothing

[Verse 1: Traci]

Want the niggas to pay attention, bitches ain't no competition
Y'all niggas already feel I'm a pure addiction
[?] with you street hoes from a distance
I run with some Cutt Throaters and we [?] in Coogi
I be acting on that ass like I'm auditioning for a movie
Bitches inside of their range, now treat them like hoes
4.0 street sweepers just to [?] bitches over
[?] 2002 Cadillac Escalade
Not to mention one that's my second one and both of 'em was paid
Hoes steady blocking cause they see I'm boss made
Now they gathering rumors that I'm wanted by the Feds
Analyzing these hoes cause they ain't nothing but actors
I'm living the life of currency so I'm a main factor
It's Cutthroat Committee [?] fuck 'em
Uh-uh bitches what, y'all ain't talking bout nothing


[Verse 2: Soulja Slim]
I'm well known in that Soulja land
Willing to die for my bricks, you won't understand
Soulja signed between my eyebrows, you got one too
That mean you a soulja cause you tote choppers too?
I'm from that Magnolia, fucking well right block a few
Haters to shoot
What y'all wanna do
We could take it to the battlefield
Y'all not bout no combat, so you best chill, tryna play real
Niggas get fucked over all day
My soulja got sell dope the hallway with a small pay
Sick scope [?]
That's why me and my homie came up
Momma told me not to go in that circle, it was dangerous
But now we own it
[?] outsiders can't roam it, we got this
Niggas be trying to hold they spot down like us, they jocked it
You gon' die with that Soulja rag
Keep throwing it up, I'ma take your [?] down bad
Won't give a fuck bout who you are and who you runs with
Cause my committee, they be all about that dumb shit, that pull out the gun shit
And I'm gonna be the last man standing
[?] gun in hand letting lose shots pistol popping like [?]
Y'all niggas ain't ready for war
I can tell I'm from that Uptown zone, gun smoke is all I smell
Shouts out to my niggas in jail
Keep the [?] business and mail


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