That's My Hoe Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:31

My ho, my ho

[Hook x4]
That's my ho
Nigga play it how it go
Don't save that ho
Nigga let that ho go

[Verse 1]
Boy hating on me? Why? Cause I fucked your lady?
My nigga you crazy [?] baby
I used to hit it, beat the meat, and skeet off in her
She eat this dick for breakfast, lunch, maybe even dinner
Think you got a winner? fuck no, that ho ain't shit
I'ma tell you what's real my nigga, she been sucking dick
Think you the first? I broke that ho in
On my ho scale, guess what I give that ho a ten
Way back then, she was great, now the ho a [?]
She touch that dick with her tongue
I'm bout to shoot off like a jet
[?] on a nigga nuts having a steak still
On the real, niggas cheeks start tightening up
I give you credit for making a good dick sucker
She practice on you, come back and do me better than she fucked you
But you in love, nigga can't tell you about your girl
[?] giving her the world


[Verse 2]
I'm one of them down bad niggas [?] nigga
[?] the nigga with more figures
[?] tell my dog your ho down bad
Don't get mad [?]
Keep it [?] you know how it go
Lose all love [?]
Dog, [?] like I was in the wrong
[?] dog ass nigga done broke up another happy home
[?] snitch bitch ass ho
[?] pussy on the down low
What you want kill me? [?] for
That pussy [?] make two real niggas go to war
It would be all good if you try to [?]
[?] created
I got a soulja that straight up know how the game go
[?] everyday same ho


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