Where They At Lyrics - Soulja Slim

Release information
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:49

Real niggas, only real niggas
Killas, nigga

[Verse 1]
All my souljas, put all your motherfucking guns up
Drop nuts and bust at any nigga that runs up
Did shit for them killers, them deathrow niggas
Gangbangers, cut throaters, ghetto niggas
That be living life on the edge of the clip
Infrared on the tip so whip out two or three clips
Loose lips sink ships when they off in that water
Heating up like a baller but now working with a quarter
Doing something wrong, put that thing to his dome
Let 'em get beat to death by my big dog stone
[?] motherfucker before I send you on your way
Thought you knew niggas from the Magnolia don't play
AK assault rifle, better known as the chopper
Also known as a nigga knock off, beef stopper
I took over Run's house, now it's my house and I run [?]
And every nigga in my community got guns out
They protect me, I protect them like a shield
I got hit up twice, almost lost my life cause I didn't let myself heal
I'm real

Now where them killers at? (Here we go)
Now where them real niggas at? (Over here)
Now bitch niggas stay away (Stay away)
If not, bout trigger play (Trigger play)

[Verse 2]
You niggas better back up before I act up and shoot to kill
They looking for that Slim dude to kill, but I'm hard to kill
I reward the real, all do respect, put you in check
Fuck around, lose your neck
Or get shot up with the blues and the tec
With the muffler on front, I put the nigga on front
Soulja Slim done it to him like he never ever knew him
Here you take this, I'ma take that
Well as soon as you turn your back, I'ma leave lay your face flat
I'm cut throat and committed to the pain bringers
Bread slangers with one in the chamber, releasing anger on enemies
Creeping through your set like a fucking centipede
Leaving them Z's, should've been G'd up and Soulja'd down
Keep an extra round just in case nigga wanna [?] up
They ain't have to do 'em like that, niggas say they fuck [?] up
Ain't no city got killers like them N.O. niggas
Only reason y'all shit heard about cause y'all shit way bigger
I got game so I run it, to keep this [?] up on mental
Got three more albums locked up on the left side of my temple
[?] quite clever how I do my thing
But before I got out [?], some of these niggas never knew my thing
[?] my head off with this young nigga that just jumped in the game
I backed out it just in time cause the shit ain't the same
It's [?]


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