Who Sang Humanism? Source of Tide

Source of Tide Blueprints cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Avantgarde/Black Metal/Experimental
length: 4:20
These innocent thoughts.
This action of mercy.
.all in the name of conscience.

I am not a divine being.
I am not any god.
I am just another human.
I am an animal.

The world is what it appears.
The idolization of individuals.
Compassion has been terminated.
.in the name of conscience.

We are not divine beings.
We are not any gods.
We are just humans.
We are beasts.

CD 1
  • 1 Static Development
  • 2 Humanism
  • 3 Tales of Fruition
  • 4 Serenade of Silence
  • 5 Enslaved by Principles
  • 6 Bravery 1999
  • 7 Declaration!
  • 8 Bravery 2000
  • 9 Ruins of Beauty (An Ode to the Art of Self-Destruction, Epilogue)
  • 10 The Retaliation of Misanthrope
  • 11 Revolt Future!
  • 12 Blueprint...
  • 13 ...Remembrance