Who Sang Revolt Future!? Source of Tide

Source of Tide Blueprints cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Avantgarde/Black Metal/Experimental
length: 4:08
Hence I am not forsaken; I don't claim
Still crying out in pain, I cry in vain.
.and not present.

Despite my absence, future dies.
Despite my knowledge, present was.
My only resistance is the past.
No way to fight the future.

I am not as appearance; I was none.
Henceforth I was the fallen, maybe God?
I burst out in anger as instants leave
I will revolt the future.

CD 1
  • 1 Static Development
  • 2 Humanism
  • 3 Tales of Fruition
  • 4 Serenade of Silence
  • 5 Enslaved by Principles
  • 6 Bravery 1999
  • 7 Declaration!
  • 8 Bravery 2000
  • 9 Ruins of Beauty (An Ode to the Art of Self-Destruction, Epilogue)
  • 10 The Retaliation of Misanthrope
  • 11 Revolt Future!
  • 12 Blueprint...
  • 13 ...Remembrance