Who Sang Pass The Killa? South Park Mexican

South Park Mexican Power Moves: The Table cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-12-22
length: 4:27
(Riley speakin)
Pass the sin semilla
Yes we smoke it every hour.....

Pass the killa from the left hand side
Pass the chronic from the left hand
Many people come around tryin to smoke my weed
But don't, don't stand so close to me
Pass the Ganja from the left hand side
Pass the sensi from the left hand side
Well now we smokin sticky green bomb
That killa weed mon
It's BabyBeesh and MaryJane
We get our freak on.
The words I'm speakin.
I don't be jokin from Vallejo, Califas to Houston, Tejas
Coughin and chokin
Here a splif, there a splif,
Everywhere a splif joint.
And I've been high everyday
Up til this point, in my life.
Mary Jane if you could be my wife
I'd sacrifice and make love to you everynight.
See you're so wet and you're so fluffy
Light green and lovely
I roll you up and kissy kissy
Now sucky sucky
Maria who? Oh!
MariaJuana I swear to God
I love you much more than my baby's mama mama.


I smoke ganja in the Dope Casa
It's the Raza, down with the Rasta.
Father God, creator of the Earth
Thank you for the Mary that grows from ya dirt
Take my first hit in blow my first hit out
Do the hokey smokey til I'm floatin in the clouds.
I'm in Jamaica, higher than a skyscraper.
She's my lady. I'll never let nobody take her.
Alert the soldiers, she just got kidnapped.
Call big Swisha and the killa cousin ZigZag.
Squash the chit-chat, I've never been with that.
Riley grab the big gat.....I need my chick back.

I got the money, who got the gummy
Sticky green honey got me feeling like dummy?
She keeps me hungry so I'm just a bit chubby.
But that's okay, 'cuz I know that she loves me.
I'm lucky, 'cuz she makes everything funny.
Divorced Snow White' cuz she kept mi nose runny.
But now I'm happy, Mary never slapped me.
Her red hair is nappy, but it tastes like candy.
Sometimes she's Hawaiian, sometimes she's Mexican.
Sometimes she's from Taiwan or even sweet Jamaican.
I love MaryJane in any shape or form.
You can catch us kissin deep in the quiet storm.

Chorus and out

CD 1
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  • 2 Cali-Tex Connect
  • 3 Illegal Amigos
  • 4 West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast
  • 5 El Jugador
  • 6 Y Must I
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  • 11 Pass The Killa
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  • 16 VIP
    CD 2
  • 1 Intro The Phone Call (Screwed)
  • 2 The Forgotten Verse (Screwed)
  • 3 Cali-Tex Connect (Screwed)
  • 4 On Da Grind (Screwed)
  • 5 Ghetto Tales (Screwed)
  • 6 Y Must I (Screwed)
  • 7 Holla Atcha Later (Screwed)
  • 8 VIP (Screwed)
  • 9 Mary Go Round (Screwed)
  • 10 Wheel Watchers (Screwed)
  • 11 Power Moves (Screwed)
  • 12 Where My Soldiers At (Screwed)
  • 13 Illegal Amigos (Screwed)
  • 14 Since Day 1 (Screwed)
  • 15 Money Makin Huston (Screwed)
  • 16 Shout Outs (Screwed)