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South Park Mexican When Devils Strike cover art
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Release Date: 2006-10-3
length: 6:48

To all my real friends
Remaldo Chavez
I love you & God knows I try my best
You are too good for this world, man
Too good for this evil world

Yo, I want to say what's up to Joey Tabyess
You are a brother to me
& your family is also mine
I love all of you

Mike Scott
You bought joy to my life a thousand times over
I miss & I love you

Rasbel Chavez
You are a livin' angel with a heart as big as Texas
I love you & I miss you

Mark Flores, my trusted friend for many years
I love you bro

Mark Roche
Your smart warms any room
I love you

Lu Sweet Lu, I Miss you & I share it's the time
Little time we spent together
You have my love & respect

Bur Trevino
We shared are lives on the street & coral
Thank you for the million smiles you put on my face
I'll always love you man

Joal Merez
You are my cousin but also a tremendous friend. I love you very much

Lonzar & Alex Martinez
You are my first cousin's but I love you like brothers

Tony Martinez
You've always been proud of me but I want you to know that I'm also very proud of you
I love you cousin

Tonye & Deeny
When I would see you helpin' me in my shows it was appreciated
But oh... what was more appreciated was just havin' you near me
I love you girls very much

I love you too Angela

Robert Jean
Robert Jean Coy
I'm not sure what kept us apart
The times we did spend together were very meaningful to me
We share the same blood & name. I love you bro

Jaime A.K.A. Pain
Your a real ass mexican homey
& I would trust you with my life
I love you. Stop smokin' so damn much weed
You know how I just... I was the only mexican in our school but you accepted me with open arms
We've had each other's back for the last 20 years
I love you homey

Rony Clark
You've made me the only mexican in your family by allowin' me to be your precious daughter's Godfather
The times we've had are deep in my heart
I love you bro

DJ Lobo
You've done things for me
I've never asked for nothin' in return
Your kind is very rare
You have my love & appreciation

Jose Morales
You've kept the Dope House stronger than ever
I thank God for bringin' you to us
I love you homey

Christian Garcia
You were always a little younger than us
Than just close to me as anyone
I love you & I care for you & I have for many years

You are my courage, my strength & my reason for breathin'
You already know

Trudy & Sivilan Coy, my brother & sister
You've come a long way
Your pain is my pain & your joy is also mine
I love you

Mor McCoy DeAnda

When I was in the county jail it's been 7 to 9 hours daty' on the phone
I found out things about you I would never have known
You told me stories I would have never heard
That's why I know I'm here for a reason
Now I have the time to see & appreciate the things that are most important
I put you through so much, you should've made me hurricane Carlos
Your love saved my life
I don't have to say it because you already know

Arthur Coy Senor

You always told me I could be anything I wanted
I know I bitch alot about you leavin' Mom
But I can't judge you
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have believed I could do this
You've always told me a man's wealth is measured by his friends & his family
That love him for who he is
I love you Dad

Alfonso Cook

Rasheed, our #1 soldier
Thank you for fightin' this world with me
It's not over yet
Your the link that hold's us together
I love you homito

To all the friends & family I felt to mention
To all the girls I've held the pleasure of holdin' in my arms
To all my beautiful fans who I love with all my heart
Don't worry God will see me through

God will see me through. [echoes]

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