Who Sang VIP? South Park Mexican

South Park Mexican Power Moves: The Table cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-12-22
length: 4:04

Ugh V.I.P. baby
The room's kinda foggy, ballin is a hobby
She said I like your style, I told her it was doggy
More champagne, and more white wine
She had a gold chain that looked just like mine
Now you might find my life hard to believe
I hop in my Jeep and holla talkin is cheap
Where my keys homeboy? I snatch 'em from the Valet
It's pourin' down rain, Rollin down South Main
2:16 when I hit the scene, Pull up at After Hours 'bout to live my dream
I got the Infa beam with a 1/5 of Lean, gave the password and a fist of green
Now chiggycheck 1, 2, this one's for you
V.I.P. D.J. jammin Nighshift Screw
Surrounded by nudity and private security
My game like cain son, you can taste the purity

It's a private party, at the V.I.P.
How many playas wanna be like me?
Drinks on the house, put it on my tab
We 3 young playas just actin bad
In the GS Lex, or the SF6
Order Hoop and some Thai while I'm hittin my licks
So just pass the Kill, and pop the Dom
At the V.I.P. baby, once again it's on.

Say where my playas at? Where my playas at?
Uhhh sippin on yak with the gangsta hat uhhh
Blowin on trees Puffin on a fat uhhh
Playa made paper now it's on like that uhhh
Lookin at my Cartier, I thinks it's time
Platinum strapped to my wrist, Diamonds 'bout to make me go blind
When I step throught the door better watch yo gal 'fore I make that hoe mine
I've been a Mack since way back, my Zodiac the Dolla Sign
In time, you'll find me too clever, however
Give me a hard-headed broad, I'll change her like the weather
Give me a broke-legged frog, I'll make it jump forever
Give me some crack and some bars and I'll make plenty cheddar
See Pimpin ain't easy, but somebody's gotta do it
Conversation ain't nothin, lest you're willin to pursue it
If you gon do it, you better stay true to it
Man pimpin ain't dead, you just new to it.

Girl we're V.I.P., Very Important People
Mr. Pancho V and Tommy G(haha)
With yo mamis all up under me
So we slidin in the Beamer or the GS3
Highly scouted pro playa, Never been a hater
Congratulater, Don't get mad when I take her
And break her, to the woman that you could not make her
Known for pullin top notch models, Sex with all the gatos
Well paid vatos, Never had the same O's
Always down to share hoes, and after the club
I'm in the Tahoe, where all the girl's follow
All ya'll look good, which one of ya'll gon swallow?
Gucci on my eyes, diamantes on my teeth
Dimples in my cheeks, Hydroponic in my leaf
Lookin hella good like every playa should
Paper come from wood, but I come from hood.

CD 1
  • 1 Where My Soldiers At
  • 2 Cali-Tex Connect
  • 3 Illegal Amigos
  • 4 West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast
  • 5 El Jugador
  • 6 Y Must I
  • 7 Since Day 1
  • 8 Studio Time
  • 9 Power Moves
  • 10 Holla Atcha Later
  • 11 Pass The Killa
  • 12 Peace Pipe
  • 13 Wheel Watches
  • 14 Ghetto Tales
  • 15 Runaway
  • 16 VIP
    CD 2
  • 1 Intro The Phone Call (Screwed)
  • 2 The Forgotten Verse (Screwed)
  • 3 Cali-Tex Connect (Screwed)
  • 4 On Da Grind (Screwed)
  • 5 Ghetto Tales (Screwed)
  • 6 Y Must I (Screwed)
  • 7 Holla Atcha Later (Screwed)
  • 8 VIP (Screwed)
  • 9 Mary Go Round (Screwed)
  • 10 Wheel Watchers (Screwed)
  • 11 Power Moves (Screwed)
  • 12 Where My Soldiers At (Screwed)
  • 13 Illegal Amigos (Screwed)
  • 14 Since Day 1 (Screwed)
  • 15 Money Makin Huston (Screwed)
  • 16 Shout Outs (Screwed)

  • Release information
    label: Dope House Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 666914503725
    script: Latin