Who Sang Making You Laugh? Spearmint

Spearmint A Week Away cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-6-19
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Brit Pop
length: 2:11
producer: J.B.
engineer: Gareth Parton
Making you laugh is the best thing that I know
See I'm showered by memories - it's pouring down
You're throwing open the door to the rest of the world
And playing "For Once In My Life" really loud
Rolling over the gate with that look on your face

Well you know you're onto something good
When the morning comes and you want to get up
When it's not a chore to eat and breathe
That great big bar of chocolate got delivered to us instead of next door
And so we took it, we ate it, and you always say it was the best you ever tasted

Making you laugh was the best thing that I know

CD 1
  • 1 A Week Away
  • 2 Isn't It Great to Be Alive
  • 3 Sweeping the Nation
  • 4 A Third of My Life
  • 5 We're Going Out
  • 6 Start Again
  • 7 Best Ballroom
  • 8 You Carry This With You
  • 9 A Trip Into Space
  • 10 It Won't Be Long Now
  • 11 Making You Laugh
  • 12 You Are Still My Brother
  • 13 Saturday
    CD 2
  • 1 Vince‚Äôs Holiday Tape
  • 2 You Must Go
  • 3 Hair
  • 4 Bad Souvenirs