Who Sang Start Again? Spearmint

Spearmint A Week Away cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-6-19
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Brit Pop
length: 3:48
producer: J.B.
engineer: Gareth Parton
Start again
You will feel better
You will feel better

Start again
Make yourself go cold
Regain control

Get in shape
Lose a little weight
Feel better about yourself
Or at least punish yourself

Oh, you hate yourself
So much
I only wish you could see yourself
Just the once, through my eyes

But you don't really think
This song is about you

Start again
Denial, anger

You start to think
He never cared at all
But I think he did
I think he meant it
I will not move on
Until I have an explanation
I cannot move on
Until I understand how you treated me this way

When I'm with people
Everything seems fine
When I'm on my own
It feels like I'm losing my mind

But you don't really think
This song is about you
You start to think
That he

Never, ever
Really meant a word at all
And what happens now is all these good things
And all these memories
They will turn bad
Just because of the way it's going to end

Start again
You will feel better
I promise you will feel better

And it seems
As though all the time was wasted
But everything must end
And nothing is wasted

Start again
On your own
Denial, anger

And I'm sorry
To be so blunt
But that boy
Is a ...

CD 1
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  • 2 Isn't It Great to Be Alive
  • 3 Sweeping the Nation
  • 4 A Third of My Life
  • 5 We're Going Out
  • 6 Start Again
  • 7 Best Ballroom
  • 8 You Carry This With You
  • 9 A Trip Into Space
  • 10 It Won't Be Long Now
  • 11 Making You Laugh
  • 12 You Are Still My Brother
  • 13 Saturday
    CD 2
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