Who Sang Eyes of Black? Spellcaster

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Release information
Release Date: 2014-7-1
length: 6:15
Open these closed doors and see
Shine a light on this cold dark night
This fortress stands
That was the plan
Watch it fall
Disguised envy behind these walls
Caught here stuck in my mind
Which path to take I cannot find
Eyes turn grey
My conscience fades
Left alone
Still nowhere to call home
In this life you're forced to fade
Dim the lights as you decay
Tossed and turned in my own grave
Eyes of black are blinding me

I've followed you all of these years
Through every broken truth and every fallen tear
Who are you, the queen of this land?
No mistake no trace
Another lie instead of your faith

Solo: Boyd
Solo: Vanhoosen

Eyes of black are blinding me

CD 1
  • 1 The Fading Light
  • 2 As Darkness Falls
  • 3 Bound
  • 4 Ghost of My Memory
  • 5 Premonition
  • 6 Haunted
  • 7 Run Away
  • 8 Eyes of Black
  • 9 Clockwork
  • 10 Voyage