Who Sang Haunted? Spellcaster

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Release Date: 2014-7-1
length: 7:18
On the sea of night I drift away, to shores within my mind
Blinded by the sight, the thought of what I had, but lost in time

I drift away
In my mind
What I had
Was never mine
So in the dead of night I hear you calling
Every night you come back just the same to me
And in the moonlight your eyes are burning
Darkness guides your footsteps falling free
Haunting me
When I wake up and the world is dead
There are no more memories
You'll never know that I still search above the earth in which you lie

I drift away
In my mind
What I had
Was never mine

The fire sings, Sweet melodies
Burning strong, Here with me
We turn to ash
And drift miles away
To sweet summer lands
Golden and green


Solo: Boyd

CD 1
  • 1 The Fading Light
  • 2 As Darkness Falls
  • 3 Bound
  • 4 Ghost of My Memory
  • 5 Premonition
  • 6 Haunted
  • 7 Run Away
  • 8 Eyes of Black
  • 9 Clockwork
  • 10 Voyage