Who Sang Voyage? Spellcaster

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Release information
Release Date: 2014-7-1
length: 7:07
Another day has gone away
I remember when you used to dream
When visions seemed to manifest
Endless realities
But still it seems for all the effort you struggle inside
It seems to me its left to chance this time
Look into yourself
Sinister, your finger points
Your judgement is written in stone
You think you're free, but can't you see
You are the one who's alone
Promises and secrets you said you would keep for me
But empty words die before you speak
All you are comes back to me

A voyage on a changing sea, Where I go a mystery
All the stars they seem to fade, I close my eyes and drift away

The winds of time come in crashing
You body decaying in age
How do you feel, can you even say how you're drifted away?
And in the dark, there's no one there you'll remember
You see the stars grow dim and cold and fade
Fade away
All you are comes back to me


Solo: Vanhoosen


CD 1
  • 1 The Fading Light
  • 2 As Darkness Falls
  • 3 Bound
  • 4 Ghost of My Memory
  • 5 Premonition
  • 6 Haunted
  • 7 Run Away
  • 8 Eyes of Black
  • 9 Clockwork
  • 10 Voyage