Bad Lyrics - Sphere

Release information
Release Date: 2008-8-1
Genre: Electronic
Style: New Age/Acid Jazz
length: 4:09

How can we face the time?
How can we trust the day?
Down the river of sins I swim... So complicated
Demons in my mind
A ghost dances with me
His words are echoes in my mind in this everlasting

Night, I'm here to stay
Side by side for the time of my life
This ain't my last goodbye, I hold tight
See the colours of my mind through this night of anger

You are playing your game with me
You make the rules today
Bad blood running through my veins
In my soul I shout
Across the fire
Through the desert sands
The breath of new day
Is rising in my heart in this ever...

Still we stay together
Laying by the fire when it's too cold how

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