Going for the Angry Lyrics - Sprung Monkey

Sprung Monkey Mr. Funny Face cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-5-5
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Nu Metal
length: 2:21
now there's a man who is left with nothing
believing he could make a difference
passive nature with kind intentions
it seems we feed upon the lonely
going for the angry (4x)
now there's a man who instead of caring
chose to take and give of nothing
now he sits in his world of excess
wondering why he's still not happy
going for the angry (4x)
now hear me scream what you're telling me
but i don't believe you
you tell me the things that i want to hear

but i don't believe you
now sit and pray to your paper god
with your hands up in the air
not knowing the cost that it's taking
cause there's a million ways to say your wrong
but there's no way to repair
somebody's heart when it's breaking
going for the angry (4x)

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