Who Sang No Tomorrow? Squad Five-O

Release information
Release Date: 2002-3-12
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Glam
length: 3:12
And outside I can hear the night calling me near
But inside I feel like a fire, I'm burning
Cause can't you see baby I believe I'm falling for you
So listen to me girl you gotta tell me that I'm not alone
My car's outside I left it runnin' if you're willing to go
We can get away from here, disappear just me and you
(and no one has to know)

We'll meet after midnight in the park
Undercover of the dark
There ain't no tomorrow
Come on baby take my hand
We may never really understand
The way we feel
But beneath the stars i'll hold you close
You'll be my girl where there ain't no tomorrow

Girl don't be afraid cause the night can set us free
And I'd do anything just to have you next to me
I swear to you tonight I'd fight and I would bleed
Cause I can see baby I believe that you're falling too

Beneath the stars we'll make our stand
I'm your man and there ain't no tomorrow

CD 1
  • 1 I Don't Want to Change the World, I Just Want to Change Your Mind
  • 2 Make You a Star
  • 3 Make You Dance
  • 4 Screaming With the Sirens
  • 5 Piece of the Dream
  • 6 Underground Hearts
  • 7 The Adolescent Night
  • 8 Turn It Up
  • 9 Don't Come Runnin'
  • 10 No Tomorrow
  • 11 Crystal Coastline
  • 12 Wasted (With You)
  • 13 Get Away