Who Sang Surfer's Morning? St. Thomas

St. Thomas Mysterious Walks cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-10-2
length: 2:56
The feeling she makes
As a surfer's morning
It takes away
Confusion and pain
The sorrow is ranged
Beyond the session
When she walks
She walks the lane
The power I have
Will be here now
Waiting and waiting
To stay around
The feeling she makes
(The problems I have)
As a surfer's morning
(Has blown away)
The problems I have
Has blown away
And I turn blue
Oh yes

And I always speak the truth
Oh yes

CD 1
  • 1 Born Again
  • 2 Mysterious Walks
  • 3 Failure #2
  • 4 Invitation
  • 5 What Have I Done
  • 6 Walk With Me
  • 7 The Charity Ego
  • 8 The Proud St. Thomas
  • 9 Im Coming Home
  • 10 Surfer's Morning
  • 11 Lullaby From a Wannabe Popstar
  • 12 My Early Funeral / Cowboy, Cowgirl - Moviestar, Moviestar