Who Sang Feed the Streets? Stalley

Stalley New Wave cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-7-28
length: 0:44

A hustler told me only hustle when you need to
And make sure you feed the streets
Please don't let them feed you
And don't listen to them snakes
They tell you anything
To lead you right into their garden
So they can squeeze you
With the most venomous approach
And they'll hang you with the ropes
They be acting like they're clean
But they be mingling with the dopes
Systematics in the skies
And you can see it in their eyes
Plus they come across as real in their lies
Some of my closest partners geeked out
Trapped on the southeast side
And they ain't getting out
Either you a hustler or a customer
Some ain't built for the game
So they be codeined and pilled out
Trying to get rid of the pain
And honestly I had some feelings the same
Just I face up a little different
Pace up a little distance
Away from the trap
And I keep it real with my foes
And always come back
Lesson learned know that

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