Who Sang The Song Is You? Stan Getz

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length: 5:57
I hear music when I look at you,
A beautiful theme of every
Dream I ever knew.
Down deep in my heart I hear it play.
I feel it start, then melt away.

I hear music when I touch your hand,
A beautiful melody
From some enchanted land.
Down deep in my heart, I hear it say,
Is this the day?

I alone have heard this lovely strain,
I alone have heard this glad refrain:
Must it be forever inside of me,
Why can't I let it go,
Why can't I let you know,
Why can't I let you know the song
My heart would sing?

That beautiful rhapsody
Of love and youth and spring,
The music is sweet,
The words are true
The song is you.

  • 1 The Song Is You
  • 2 O Grane Amor
  • 3 For Jane
  • 4 Dane's Chant
  • 5 Major General
  • 6 Nirvana
  • 7 Indiana
  • 8 Memories of You
  • 9 Come Rain or Come Shine
  • 10 Up a Lazy River
  • 11 Send in the Clowns