Who Sang Addiction? Staple

Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Post Rock
length: 3:45
Face to dying face with my future while you mock me behind its broken lines.
Wide awake, but I'm still sleeping with all your lies cuz I
Made the choice to forfeit my freedom.
Oh my God, why can't I just look away?
Consequence says that you force me to look in your face.
(Myself addressing addiction) - You told me you were the cure.
It's my fault I thought that you would be true
to play my life the way you do
I'm paying cuz I thought that you would be (true to me if I was true to you)
(Addiction addressing me)- I'm the one that you trusted.
I'm the one you've been faithful to.
I'm the one that you needed.
It's your fault you thought that I would be true.
You're the one that I'm playing.
You're the one that's being used.
Embrace me harder I beg you.
It's your fault you thought that I would be...
"Tormented" cannot begin to describe how I feel about what you've done inside.
Riddled by the baggage you left me, irate from all the lies that you sent me.
It's messed up, but I still miss you despite all the hell you put me through.
This cage holds wounds you gave reminding me of you.
Look into my eyes,
come with me I know exactly what it takes to make you feel all right.
Look into my eyes, indulge with me
because it's all you need to do and you can feel all right.
Come with me...
Cuz‚ there's nothing to fear so just relax and shut up

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Addiction
  • 3 Leaving
  • 4 Face
  • 5 Beautiful
  • 6 Reasons
  • 7 Haunted
  • 8 What I Got
  • 9 Good Grief
  • 10 Pity Show
  • 11 Escape the Fact
  • 12 Truth