Who Sang South Coast? Stat Quo

Stat Quo Street Status cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:31
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Stat Quo, nigga! (GUNZ UP!)
GMM, ya understand me? (GUNZ UP!)
Young mothafucka Buck! (GUNZ UP!)
G-Unit's and Stat with him! (BUCK! BUCK!)

Looka here, pimp! (pimp!) - Boss hawg, brah (boss hawg, brah!)
Grown Man, chicken, bitch drama, we have it.
From Atlanta, Home of Hammers a lot of folk - they scandlous
They hate-off, like "damn! " cause, they'll feed your face to the cannon. (BALL UP!)
Knuckle up, punk; pop the trunk, cock it, dump! (whooo!)
Body slump, it's hard, punk! - Sugar water started crunk!
Fuckin' with my clique, gets you STOMPED!
Ride on my enemies, crush my COMP!
Leave their bodies covered with LUMPS
If for what they don't really WANT!
The master haymaker, SouthCoast jaw breaker! (jaw breaker!)
Talkin' the Ying Yang when you shoot like a salt shaker. (YEAH!)
The hater undertaker wishin' death for jealous fakers
Mad 'cause I'm gettin', paper Vaccine high makers. (Oooh!)
Stat Quo! (GMM!) - Know the name, buddy! (know the name, buddy!)
We have assembled an Empire in the damn money! (whoo!)
Ride clean down the strip sippin' brown Bubbly (uhh!)
My mind on my grip representin' the damn dirty!

This be that South - Coast shit (oh!)
And you better 'fo figure what the fuck don't you get? {GMM! } (get!)
'Cause we be that +Grown Man Gang+
And we Towin' big thangs and my pocket's got good thangs! {G-UNIT! }

Fuck 'em, they keep tellin' me. (WHAT?) - Buck gon' catchin' felony! (DAAAMN!)
I should'nt have to weigh up what you sellin' me; but gettin' steal.
Niggas holla, keep it real! (KEEP IT REAL!) - They gonna stab you in your back,
But I ain't seeing nothing here! (NAAAH!) - I'm a grab you in your back!
I'm the platinum in your plaque! - I'm the coke that's in your pack
I heard them niggas hit you up! (ooohh!) - I'm them bullets in your back! (BOO!)
Breach behind them walls all I got is some banana clips (AAAIIIGHT!)
50 keep on tellin' me, nahh, but I'm gonna handle it!
They love me in Los Angeles, the Dirty South streets know that
Buck can buck wild! - Got 'em buckin' on the EastCoast! (C'MON!)
Cock it back and pop it twice! (BOOM!) - Cook the crack rocks for the vice! (BOOM!)
Play it cool, and pay his price; (BOOM!) set him up and take his life! (BOOM!)
That's why we Dirty-Dirty (DIRTY-DIRTY!) niggas don't mind breakin' bread
Momma gave us tofu! - Daddy taught us how to bust heads!
So come on down to this town for the outlaws.
We got the police scared, they won't even answer house calls!

Yeeah, yeeah! - I'm in the air, cockin' the mast. - Squeezin' all over scraggs!
Put a hole off in your - bag. - Fell off on the wrong track!
That's where the fiends at! - White, brown, and green at!
Cook it up! Chop it up! Wrap it up! Then reel it right back (YEEAH!)
This be that South shit, GMM who I run with!
We gettin' bread in the bun this weed so trailin' dumb!
They get it twisted, get stomped - {on Floor} ridin' Around - {exposed}
Haters get mad because they {still broke}
What you expect dawg? - I'm C-E-O! (C-E-O!)
TV Flow! - Spit like HBO!
And if rap don't work I hit the strip for dough
And if the strip don't work, I'll probably pimp your hoes! (GET!)

CD 1
  • 1 Eminem / (intro)
  • 2 Know My Name
  • 3 Bottom Line
  • 4 High Beams
  • 5 Callin' Out Your Name
  • 6 They Wanna Fight (Fight Night)
  • 7 Pullin' Up on the Scene
  • 8 U Aint Know
  • 9 Dirty South
  • 10 Bend & Lean
  • 11 War Drum
  • 12 South Coast
  • 13 Get That Money
  • 14 Ridin
  • 15 Go Through Something
  • 16 Hold Up
  • 17 Hypnotic & Hennesey
  • 18 Money Power
  • 19 Woodgrain

  • Release information
    label: Grown Man Music
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 187245120042
    script: Latin