Stavesacre - Witch Trial 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2002-10-1
length: 3:34
bracing for the stones that we know so well
blistered and bruised,
while we suffer through you...
all to allow you enough rope to hang yourselves

we’re burning,
burning so patiently.
get out while you can, this house is coming down.
there will be nothing left.
burning, so patiently.

and you know how it is...
all of this time and so little has changed.
the powers that be
assuming authority.
have you no memory of how this always ends?


turn the shiv inward.
we understand.
guilty as hell,
with my own sins to tell
black sheep can still smell their own
now the witches are smiling.
as only they can...
burned free of the stake, it’s you we’ll embrace.
and when this is over, we’ll see who’s left standing.


  • 1 Witch Trial
  • 2 Blind Hope
  • 3 Alice Wishlist
  • 4 Island
  • 5 A Place Where I Can Breathe
  • 6 If Not Now
  • 7 Night Town
  • 8 The Sad Parade
  • 9 Why Good People Suffer
  • 10 Yes
  • 11 World to Wait