Who Sang Cheatin’ Girl? Steady B

Steady B Bring the Beat Back cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1986
length: 3:57
producer: Lawrence Goodman

When I woke up this morning, had a headache
Don't ask why, for goodness' sake
Put on my clothes and I went outside
Got into my car, took a little ride
I drove through the park just to calm my nerves
Went to 7-11 for a Frostee serve
Back at the road, stopped at a red light
Looked in the next car, oh what a sight
I saw my girl and I don't know why
No she wasn't driving, she was with another guy
So I kept going cause she didn't see me
My heart was crushed, and I hope you believe me
Got back in the house, no I didn't cry
Cause I am a man and I'm just that guy
I'm not gonna bug out or go on a binge
I'm just gonna think about my revenge
Then she had the nerve to call me on the phone
Talking about "Baby, I'm alone"?
So I thought to myself, "Hey, I'll go over
Just to get even, man I'll show her."
Cheatin' girl
(Stop) cheatin' girl

Got to her house, and I rung the bell
Let me in with a kiss, and I almost fell
Out. She's giving me this real nice greeting
While all the while she's busy cheating
She said "How are you?" and I said "I'm fine"
And then I added very quick, "Are you mine?"
She said "Of course" and I said "Oh, really"
Damn, this chick must think I'm silly
Well anyway you wouldn't believe
Huh, what I have up my sleeve
I have a plan to take back everything I bought her
Should I get started? Hmm, well I oughta
Just checkin' out [?] up
She said "Hey baby, let me go freshen up"
I bought her everything from her sleeves to her hat
To take back everything I need ten trash bags
So I commenced with my scheme
Don't care what you think, so what I'm being mean?
Looked through her doors, searched through her closet
Under her bed, in her coat pockets
Pilin' up her jewelry, clothes, man she's done
To buy all this stuff, man, I must have been dumb
Memories shootin' through my head
Shoulda pulled out the jammy and flat blast her dead
But if I do that then it would never end
Taking back my stuff I got caught, she walked in
She said "What you doin'?" I said "What it look like?
I know you're cheatin' with a guy named Mike."
Cheatin' girl
(Stop) cheatin' girl

So she started beggin', pleadin' for mercy
I said "Stop, you're beginnin' to irk me"
She said she was sorry, I cut her short
"You played the game, and you got caught
So close your mouth, 'cause I'm not finished
Sit in that chair, and you better listen
You broke my heart, well that's okay
But before I leave I have somethin' to say
You know and I know that I was the best
I treated you just like a found treasure chest
But now you're lost, can't say that I'm sorry
Well get away, don't try to charm me
Shouldn't have done it, but you did it
Now you crossed me, you got to live with it
Take that smirk off your face, I'm not through
I'ma let you know something, yes I was cheating too."
Cheatin' girl
(I'm) cheatin' girl

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Bring the Beat Back
  • 2 Get Physical
  • 3 Surprise
  • 4 Cheatin’ Girl
  • 5 Do the Fila
  • 6 Stupid Fresh
  • 7 Hit Me
  • 8 Nothin’ but the Bass
  • 9 Yo Mutha

  • Release information
    label: Jive
    country(area): United States
    format: 12" Vinyl
    script: Latin