Who Sang Crosses Artist? Steady Mobb'n

Steady Mobb'n Black Mafia cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-11-24
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Gangsta
length: 3:46
f/ Full Blooded

[Crooked Eye]
The bullet missed me, I was high when they tried to get me
Had my nigga with me so them fools, they didn't hit me
Got the scoop from Tito, took out Vito from the corner store
With gold two toe, hit the floor, with four four
So I had to hit the floor, and bullet holes tuckin car doors
Me and B Mo out of pocket off of henny and coke
The closest heat is about fifty seven deep
I'm mad as fuck, I can't come back after o.z.
The nigga that hit was intended to get
Was gettin told on (told on) by my homie on the mo phone
The game twisted, niggas crossin each other
Bullets they fly (fly), another nigga die
Why (why)

[Billy Bavgate]
Niggas playin both sides
Usually in the end
A busta ass nigga die
[Crooked Eye]
Cross artists
Ain't no friends nigga
Mistakes can cost your lives
Niggas goin strike
And every man got a prize 2X

[Full Blooded]
I heard the shot shout, he took the bullets to his flab
Whatever he had done it don't matter (don't matter)
I seen him close his eyes before his body fell to the streets
Thirty two round clips and it left him beat for weeks
I roam the streets of a dead man
And only ranging on the ground lies a frame ??? brain
Too many cross artists ass niggas
Can't leave a house without the glock
Too many dogs want Da Hound on my block
I watch that bitch in the rental contenintal
back fillin up with bullets
Kinda knew it, it was my dog that pull it
Criss crossing ass niggas puttin shit in the game
And took the hit to the back by put the spit in my name

Chorus 2X

[Billy Bavgate]
Niggas playin both sides, usually in the end a buster ass nigga die
A little nigga tryin to get his stripes
The little young motherfucker love dumpin on site
The O.G.'s steady creepin from the sides
Gunshots rang out, slip into the night with a cold gunfight
See these niggas ain't right, Ghost Town niggas ride
Even when I'm high, crazy ass thoughts in my mind
When my own homie cross me in time
Cause he think I make mo money nigga when I grind
What the hell I'm gettin jacked by the one time
These some fucked up times
If any nigga cross the game then he dies

Chorus 2X

CD 1
  • 1 Ghetto Life
  • 2 'Bout Dat Mess
  • 3 Still Hustlin'
  • 4 When Them Killas Call
  • 5 Niggas Like Me
  • 6 Papa Didn't Raise No Punks
  • 7 Lil' Niggas
  • 8 Plead My Case
  • 9 Heaven or Hell
  • 10 Carry On
  • 11 Light Green and Remmy
  • 12 Stick Up
  • 13 Turn Me Up
  • 14 Family Ties
  • 15 No One
  • 16 Crosses Artist
  • 17 MG Theme
  • 18 Hit A Lick

  • Release information
    label: No Limit Recordings
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin