Who Sang Unreachable? STEEP

STEEP Your Reality cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-4-25
length: 3:50
It started with a flash of light
Blinding me right at first sight
Could not explain but
You seemed so familiar anyhow
Few days later I confessed
My confusion neverless
Started when I saw your face

But now I'm standing here alone
See the picture on my desk
And I'm hoping it will last
But you are

Unreachable, unreachable
Come and hold my hand
Unreachable, untouchable
It breaks me down again
If I could only make a move
Through these endless plains of love
I'll recognize that this won't be enough
If I just could understand
That I'll never reach your hand
Emotional torture would come to an end
Seconds and minutes, minutes and hours
Hours and hours, days go by
I'm dying to reach you, touch you and please you
Just want to be with you, but this won't be enough

You're unreachable, unreachable
Let me touch you just for once
I'm unteachable, not reasonable
My shining star, you're all I want

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