Who Sang I Don’t Get It? Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills Man Alive! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 3:37
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Maybe it's me but I don't understand
What it is that you're so uptight
(So uptight)
Could it be I've been thinking about
What you said to me if I heard it right
I don't believe that you really believe
What you're saying it wrong tonight
(Wrong tonight)

(I don't get it)
What is this all about
(I don't get it)
Suddenly my love in doubt
(I don't get it)
Wondering can we work it out
(I don't get it, get it, get it)
I don't get it

I been paying attention and tried my best
But I cannot follow
(Can't follow)
And I have to admit that it's too strange
A script for me to swallow
(Can't swallow that)
Do I know I am only an echo
Out of the deepest hollow
(Deepest hollow)

(I don't get it)
In all honesty
(I don't get it)
None of this is about me
(I don't get it)
Why you in misery
(I don't get it, get it, get it)

(I don't get it)
Wondering what you think I'll see
(I don't get it)
'Cause everything's wrong with me
(I don't get it)
This ain't no way to be
(I don't get it, get it, get it)
I don't get it

According to you there's nothing that's true
About how we love each other
Hearing about so much you all rather touch
And we can go no further
Baby, I know that you're hurting
But I got to sit here and watch you suffer
(Watch you, watch you suffer)

(I don't get it)
We got a love to live
(I don't get it)
Whatever else this is
(I don't get it)
Now it ain't happening
(I don't get it, get it, get it, baby)

(I don't get it)
Used to have so much fun
(I don't get it)
Now you just changed and run
(I don't get it)
Confusing to everyone
(I don't get it, get it, get it)
I can't get it
I don't get it

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    label: Talking Elephant
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 5028479007721
    script: Latin