Going to Mexico Lyrics - Steve Miller Band

Steve Miller Band Number 5 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1970-7
Genre: Rock Blues
Style: Blues Rock/Pop Rock/Classic Rock
length: 2:28
producer: Steve Miller Band and Glyn Johns
writer: Steve Miller, Boz Scaggs
Pack my bags
Don't be too slow
I should have quit you baby
A long time ago
Left you flat
And split for mexico

Don't try to stop me
Child, you're talkin' too fast
You and your friends babe
You are a thing in my past
You're much too slow
I'm goin' to mexico

I've got four or five hundred miles to go
Down that southbound highway
'53 studebaker goin' for broke
I'm pushin' it night and day
I've had enough of your lies
To last a long, long time
You and your mother, babe
You're like a nursery rhyme
You're much too slow
I'm goin' to mexico

Yeah, come on baby

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