Among the Last Moment Lyrics - Straight Line Stitch

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Genre: Rock
Style: Metalcore
I can't hear you
Where were you in my darkest hour?
God grant me the strength, the power
I am everything that you've taken from me
Leaving me drained, leaving me weak
(pre-chorus) Everyday is (a/my) dying day
Killing me more than I (can say/portray)
This void must be sealed
Cover scars that never heal
Numb the senses so that I can't feel
Pray that I wake up and none of this is real (pray that I wake up)
Never have I felt more pathetic / You just don't get it
Never have I felt this sick / This is tragic
Never have I wanted to die / When words won't clarify
God knows I've tried
Lying half awake trying to escape (when will the pain end)
My eyes are open but I cannot see
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Even among the last moments it never relents

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CD 1
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