Face of God Lyrics - Straight Line Stitch

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Release Date: 2015-6-29
length: 4:19
Grant me breath and watch me come alive
Give me strength I will survive
The feast is over now it's time to flee
All my enemies here to devour me
I could've prayed but I never stopped believing
I know you stayed even when I said I'm leaving
Don't turn your face
Don't leave this place
Escape this hell
You never see me I never a sound
I've been here I've been hiding underground
Release relieve I still believe
Restore renew the lost and confused
Rebuild resolve the feud that kills us all

Make me see
Make me see I'm not believing

You never see me
I never make a sound
I've been here hiding
Hiding underground
This is hell

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  • 2 Dark Matter
  • 3 Out of Body
  • 4 Face of God
  • 5 Wilderness
  • 6 Human Bondage