Faceless and Inhuman Lyrics - Straight Line Stitch

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Genre: Rock
Style: Metalcore
I found another sufferer underneath the debris
He had no face but the same symptoms as me
Weak and feeble but strong enough to endure
So diseased there is no cure
You were so sure
Inside your insanity, vanity, and pride
The very thing for which you give you life
It cuts you like a knife
The only one to blame is you because your hiding from the truth

And I changed my veiw (of you)

Soon this will end so make this your amends and try to start again
I will get down on my hands and my knees
Pray God saves you, pray God saves me (too)
Save yourself
Save me too

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CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 To Be Godlike
  • 3 Never Ending Horror
  • 4 Broken Wrist
  • 5 Faceless and Inhuman
  • 6 Silver Lining
  • 7 Exodus
  • 8 Slow Asphyxiation
  • 9 Among the Last Moment
  • 10 Bleeding Heart Theory
  • 11 Shattered Glass
  • 12 Never See the Day
  • 13 The Antagonist
  • 14 [untitled]