Slow Asphyxiation Lyrics - Straight Line Stitch

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Genre: Rock
Style: Metalcore
(Myself) Self-immolation
I feel my body leaving me
Hole in my lungs I cannot breathe
To much hate in me and I cannot breathe (breathe)
(Chorus) I feel my heart slowly tear
In my wind pipes not enough air
To much hate in me / I cannot breathe
I need a release from myself (myself)
The anger that I have won't be subdued
If only I could express this to you (if you only knew)
You say I'm not who I used to be
No one to blame, who could of changed me
I feel good, I feel great
Inside I hyperventilate
I strangle with this self hate
You say I'm not who I use to be (I'm not)

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