Who Sang A Mind of My Own? Strawbs

Strawbs Nomadness cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1975
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Prog Rock/Folk Rock
length: 4:33

Politician's fighting hard to win
Getting a good position
So he won't have to lose again
The battle's always on
Working against disgrace
He has to win you over
Well it's always the case
Ends up saving face
Delegations, flying in
Happiest relations
Smiling faces, shaking hands
The battle's always on
Working against displacement
They have to win them over
If it's only a case
Of saving space
No don't bother telling me
I can see it for myself
I was born with a mind of my own
And I intend to keep it free
Still the seasons come and go
Bad influences pile up
Like the dirty driven snow
Turn off the news
I really don't want to know
If there was anywhere left to go
Well I think I'd want to go
'Cause I really don't like the show

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