Who Sang Face Down in the Well? Strawbs

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length: 5:57
Face Down In The Well Parole:
The countryside was out of sight
The sky was acid blue
The saplings were beside themselves
The storm had passed on through
The trees were wearing racing silks
A vibrant grass-snake green
With maidens clutching violets
In many shades between

But somewhere in the distance
I could hear the tolling bell
I saw myself reflecting back
Face down in the well

The tolling bell reminded me
Of someone I had lost
I could not quite remember who
Or what had been the cost
Naked from the waist up
Naked upside down
No matter how you break your fall
You sure as hell will drown

The hounds from hell were howling
For the many wasted years
While every sin was washed away
With semi-precious tears
Some said it was suicide
Others first degree
No matter what the paradox
Was somehow lost on me

The courage of a patient man
Is measured in his pace
While some may take the higher ground
Others run the race
Some folks do the dandy strut
And trade as ne'er do well
But I have always please myself

Somewhere in the distance
I could hear the rebel yell
I saw myself reflecting back
Face down in the well

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