Who Sang New Beginnings? Strawbs

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock/Prog Rock
length: 3:41
I see myself reborn
In every generation
I look to children
For my source and my salvation
And I will build my house of rock
On their foundation stone.

I can see the new beginning
The universal loser winning
I can hear the children singing
Making a date with tomorrow.

Once I was blinded
By the light of my reflection
The mirror's eyes were moist
With tears of deep affection
I could not see my way
To make the last connection home.

The leaves of my life
Have been falling
And time rolls along
Like a wheel
The innocent games
That we once played as kids
Are for real.

  • 1 No Return
  • 2 Joey and Me
  • 3 Sealed With a Traitor's Kiss
  • 4 I Don't Want to Talk About It
  • 5 The Last Resort
  • 6 Time and Life
  • 7 New Beginnings
  • 8 Deadly Nightshade
  • 9 Words of Wisdom