Who Sang New World? Strawbs

Strawbs Grave New World cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1972
length: 4:13
composer: Dave Cousins
lyricist: Dave Cousins
There's blood in the dust (Bm) where the citys heart(C) beats(Bm) The children play games that they take from the(C) streets(Em) How can you teach (Bm) when you've so much to(C) learn                                       (Chorus)(G)   May you turn, (D) may you turn (Bm) may you turn, (C) may you turn(G)   may you turn,  (C) may you turn (Bm) in your grave (C) New WorldEm, Emb5, CM7, Em, Bm, Em, B7There's hate in your eyes, I've seen it beforePlanning destruction behind the locked doorWere you the coward who fired the last shot		      (Chorus)May you rot (6X) in your grave, New World

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Benedictus
  • 2 Hey, Little Man... Thursday's Child
  • 3 Queen of Dreams
  • 4 Heavy Disguise
  • 5 New World
  • 6 Hey Little Man... Wednesday's Child
  • 7 The Flower and the Young Man
  • 8 Tomorrow
  • 9 On Growing Older
  • 10 Ah Me, Ah My
  • 11 Is It Today, Lord?
  • 12 The Journey's End