Who Sang Round and Round? Strawbs

Strawbs Hero and Heroine cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1974
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock/Classic Rock/Prog Rock/Symphonic Rock
length: 4:44
I drew the blade across my wrist E DTo see how it would feelA E DLooked into the futureA E DThere was nothing to reveal D EFor we were just the product D EOf the ever spinning wheel...D E ARound and round we go...Come and see meWhen the screw has turned another turnIt's not that I'm confusedI have an awful lot to learnBut I will be the oneTo make you work for what you earnRound and round we go...After allIt's just the revolution I despiseThe dawn of revelationsAnd the flower power prizeI pity those poor childrenWith no sunshine in their eyesRound and round we go...

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Autumn: (I) Heroine's Theme - (II) Deep Summer's Sleep - (III) The Winter Long
  • 2 Sad Young Man
  • 3 Just Love
  • 4 Shine on Silver Sun
  • 5 Hero and Heroine
  • 6 Midnight Sun
  • 7 Out in the Sun
  • 8 Round and Round
  • 9 Lay a Little Light on Me
  • 10 Hero's Theme