Who Sang Starshine / Angel Wine? Strawbs

Strawbs Ghosts cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1975
length: 5:15
I can hear you
Like the rain that falls so sweetly
I can hear you
Like the sun that dries the fields
And feeds the grain
I can hear your spirit
Singing sweet refrains
Oh little starshine
Oh little starshine.

I can feel you
Like a breath of fresh green pastures
I can feel you
Like the touch of summer breezes
In my hair
I can sense your presence
Flowing through the air
Oh little starshine
Oh little star.

Angel Wine

The sun was sinking in the west
The sky was burning wild
As evening showed its starlit crest
I looked deep into my child.

Oh fool, oh mortal man
We live life as we can
But now who do I think I am.

The world is black, the world is white
The world is you and I
We surely ought to see the light
That burns in children's eyes.

Oh Lord give us a sign
The world's a bitter crime
That soon we may taste angel wine.

I see my future clearly now
My world is full of song
Be truthful to yourself my child
And your heart will be forever strong.

12" Vinyl 1
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