Who Sang The Ballad of Jay and Rose Mary? Strawbs

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Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Prog Rock
length: 4:17
The summer rests are slowly, finest aren"t done
Jay is in his heaven weakled on and on
I was in the kitchen bouncing still cakes
thinking about Rose Mary another cookie bricks
On and on is just another done home day..

Rose Mary was nineteen slender as a
Jay a sad nose above frog in the part
A vapour in the skys
A red in a sec if you care the corner
he would double slap your back
On and on it is just another done home day

Rose Mary was Sweden she"s velvet in her style
Just like Robert Mitchum or menace would smile
Love in her eye lashes heaven into lodge
He was like a schoolboy but kid need to blanch
Jay would a took of diner and told of his bar
He checked into her hotel room the lonely book tonight
RoseMary that "s normal she didn"t miss a thing
When just is playing a guess with an half is ring
On and on is just another down home day

His wedding ring is a barrage and a packed heat his pence
Would Rose Mary who is going through
By Jai scratching arms and he open up the bathroom door
Feeling the reese but RM was long up with his close in these keys
On and on is just another down home day

I was getting really the round of missing steers
And Rose M came in a crocodile tears
She ask me what my name was, I said my name was Jay
She ask me did I sleep well, I said most every day
He say the money talks and you say goodbye

CD 1
  • 1 Revenge (Can Be So Sweet)
  • 2 Beneath the Angry Sky
  • 3 Copenhagen
  • 4 Pro Patria Suite
  • 5 Where Silent Shadows Fall
  • 6 The Man Who Would Never Leave Grimsby
  • 7 The Ballad of Jay and Rose Mary
  • 8 Dancing to the Devil's Beat
  • 9 Oh How She Changed