Who Sang Time and Life? Strawbs

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock/Prog Rock
length: 4:11
Time is the power
The enemy hour
The soul survivor of the news
The headlines.

Life is a friend
I value its end
For I can take it when I choose
The deadlines.

Time and life
Will meet at dawn
The swords have been drawn
For the takers.

Time has no heart
It wins from the start
Was I so foolish
As to try to ignore it.

Life is complete
And proud in defeat
At last I understand
Why I adore it.

Time and life
Fight to the end
But life has to bend
To her makers.

  • 1 No Return
  • 2 Joey and Me
  • 3 Sealed With a Traitor's Kiss
  • 4 I Don't Want to Talk About It
  • 5 The Last Resort
  • 6 Time and Life
  • 7 New Beginnings
  • 8 Deadly Nightshade
  • 9 Words of Wisdom