Who Sang When the Lights Came On? Strawbs

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length: 5:42
The party wasn't over when my friends started leaving
Still a lot of things I had to say
If I walked back in the room would it be the way I left it?
Lost my nerve and turned away
And the rains came, and the skies turned grey
When the lights came on
I could see the picture
It burned my eyes and it bruised my mind
Gave me hope to face the future

I was not alone when the lights came on
They crucified the ox and threw his carcass to the fire
Stood around proclaiming they were free
Stripped away his flesh while giving thanks for all his labours
No-one saw the joke but him and me
Then the rains came, and the skies turned grey
The wise man built his house upon the rock beside the river
Cared not for the storms that lashed around
The foolish man was tempted, dipped his soul into the water
His body, though at peace, has not been found
Because the rains came, and the skies turned grey

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