Who Sang Still Believe, Part II? Stretch Arm Strong

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore
length: 2:15
This is for the one who never let me quit.
and this is for the one who makde me stick to it.
wanting to run never to look back.
You were there through it all keeping me on track.
In times of deperation you were there for me.
In tmies of separation you still believed [2xs].
A million miles from nowhere when care was pressing down.
In a crowd of strangers i knew i could be found.
With diligence you would persist.
Selfishly i would resist.
and then you showed me a way to make it all worthwhile
and in time i'd realize that no matter how great and no matter how wide.
You'd always stand by my side.
you were my,
my will to fight.
In darkness you were my light.
you were my will to fight.

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