Who Sang The Ties That Bind? Stuck in Kaos

Release information
Release Date: 2002
length: 3:50
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You wanna leave?
Well get the Fuck out then!

Verse 1
Here we go again
Back to the love within
Full of hate and full of Pain
I don't know If I can take this again

Cause it's just all the hate it builds inside
Which kills my fucking pride
I resent the times I've tried, to forgive and forget
This time you know that the ties, that hold
Are the ones that bind, you to your truth and your lies
And I will take that with me Now!

‘Repeat Verse 1’

You tear me apart,
With the things that you say
You take my heart
And with your careless hands
Try to replace the truth
with your twisted sick reality
Bitch you don't know me
No you don't fucking know me, at all
I tried to feed you my heart but you would only taste me
I treat you like a queen but you would only hate me
I told her get the fuck out, Now get the fuck out
She tried to freak out, then I kicked her ass out
When I say bitch you better stand for that Roll Call
I won't be dealin' with this shit
I will not stand for this so called
guilt that you feel in your fucking heart
Cuz you're a bitch. X?

That's Right, Bitch!
And so here we go again
Crawlin' back to each other
You wanna leave, You wanna leave
Now bitch you wanna leave
You Wanna

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  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin