Who Sang Catastrophic Deed? Stygian

Release information
Release Date: 1992
length: 4:24
Tearing down the walls
Raping all the life
Future doesn't mean a thing
Can't you see the signs?
We will die
If this continues on
This catastrophic deed
Soon nothing will be left
The end to mankind
Endless misery
There will come a day
Heat will soar
The flaming mass will burn a hole
Taking everything in sight
And death will run wild
No more time
Destruction runs its course
Illusions of a better life
Are slowly turning black
Centuries of rotting waste
Highlight our crimes
Its never gonna go away
Were all gonna pay the price
Lands filling up too fast
There's nowhere else to go
All thought the watchful eye
Everyone begins to choke
As we gasp our polluted breath
Everything you see today
Feel the pollution smell the decay
Rotting portions of a universe
Nothing you could do could be any worse
So as you look around your place
Think of solutions, its time to
Reality has struck you could ,this is your chance
You have been told

CD 1
  • 1 Planetary Destruction
  • 2 Behind Death's Door
  • 3 Cremation
  • 4 Catastrophic Deed
  • 5 Needful Things
  • 6 Fall From Grace
  • 7 Deadly Psychic Evil
  • 8 Environmental Suicide
  • 9 Preacher and the Politician
  • 10 The Switch