Who Sang Check My Resume? Substantial feat. DJ Jav

DJ Jav Home Is Where the Art Is cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-9-4
length: 4:09
producer: Oddisee

Yeah, I like that
Oddissee I appreciate the recommendation
Let's go, yeah, yo

[Verse 1]
Name Substantial, address Nunya
Baltimore resident but people know I'm from the
County where the Prince is a G, it's no wonder
That even in the dead of winter, the block is live as summer
Where dudes got that work, but I'm ji' mo' selective
Pass the line that is second you will find my objective
I'm seeking a position that will further my development
While fattening my pockets cause I don't rhyme for the hell of it
You need my work experience and past employers?
I'm down with QN5. Former U.V. Ink owner
And I use to be with Hyde Out and the late great Nujabes
Wherever I go my motto's "Be great do your best"
Responsible for making sure that we stay stupid fresh
Locally and globally while they help me get these groceries
And keep the fam eatin', I keep the fans fiendin'
And hit them with the potency of a professional, dope MC
You know it's me!

Can't speak for these other guys but
You can check my resume man, I'm qualified yep
Why would I lie bruh, (Nobody as fresh as this
Hit man for higher, check my references!)
Can't speak for these other guys but
You can check my resume man, I'm certified yep
You can put'em high up, (Nobody as fresh as this
Hit man for higher, check my references!)

[Verse 2]
I should be your 1st pick, long before the second interview
3rd LP's a 4 out of 5 minimum
Even with short pockets stood taller than Sentinel
Drive is uncanny, not your average individual
You'd think I graduated from the Xavier Institute
But School of Hard Knocks is where I took my classes
Where I got my Master of Ceremony tactics
My Poor Righteous Teachers taught me to make only classics
You may know me as this Educator and a Vocalist
Who the hell you know's a Team Player and a Soloist
Can dress to impress but I'm fly when I'm plain
Too thorough, if I quit you would hire me again
So fire him if he lame I've come for what's mine
Work around the clock so I can keep up with the times
Since elementary I flipped a dub from a dime
While they get the pink slip I get the W-9


[Verse 3]
I'm the man for the job, while these slackers do jobs for the man
Knowing that it blows, sometimes it's involving their hands
They are really hoes. Don't you want a person with integrity
Setting goals, tailored for success, you can measure me
On my accolades and my skill in the field of rhyme
Future so bright, man, for real, have you feeling blind
Plottin' chart toppin while I chill and I'm killin' time
Skills gettin' better but they still ain't as ill as mine
Don't take my word here's some references to check up with
You can call the Gods, UAU is who they represent
Holla at Odd, he made the beat the I mettle wit'
Or Tone & PackFM because my famm is extended trick
Call my peeps Marcus D if you want that better shit
Me & my brethren stick together like a pair of tits
Call Kool Herc & Busy Bee, I ain't arrogant
But here's a quick reminder just in case it still ain't evident, yo!


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