Who Sang See Hear? Substantial feat. Steph, the Sapphic Songstress

Steph, the Sapphic Songstress Home Is Where the Art Is cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-9-4
length: 4:31
producer: Algorythm

Yo! What you hear when you hear this?
Yo, what you see when you see me?
I hear the struggle and the hustle
See the rumble in the jungle
Where the trouble's never subtle
And they rush you on the double!
Yeah! So what you hear when you hear this?
Yo, what you see when you see me?
I hear my brothers on the humble
Tryin' to bubble 'fore they tumble
See 'em take off like a shuttle
As they rise up from the rubble!

First I hear cussin’, then bussin, then the sirens
And I see sufferin’ from domestic violence
But I don't hear solutions and I don't see an end near
But that's nothing new son, if you ever been here
Sometimes I hear laughter, happiness and peace
But I don't see it often, just to say the least
When I see it is awesome, always glad to hear it
And I'm proud of my people keep it up that's the spirit
But then I get some bad news death has returned
See murders not the answer but bamas never learn
Kill each other over money and pussy then see a cell
They fronting like it's nothing but from what I hear it's hell
But then I see a smile on a child making moves
Actually following through on the righteous path that they choose
When I hear that type of news, it give a brother hope
Like you serve as my muse when you're struggling to cope. So inspiring! Yeah, yeah, yeah!


Sometimes I rhyme simply to reflect the times
Hoping rhymes reach the minds of the dumb, deaf and the blind
They don't see what I see, even when it's right in front of them
I know they don't hear me though but I still got love for them
Regardless I fuck with them ‘cause that’s real unity
Remembering it starts with "U" to better our community
Because I know I'm one of them but that's not how they see me
But if you heard my whole story you wouldn't believe me
Hard to believe what you see, harder to feel what you hear
Die on your feet, no retreat, some might be killed out of fear
Then your homies spill a beer and say your name but this ain't Kwanzaa
Reminiscing on them better days while blazing ganja
Some might live longer before they act they ponder
And slow it down 'fore the fast life made 'em a goner
So we now raising glasses in your honor
Hold it down, graduating med school with honors and now we proud!


I heard'em when they told him that he'd never be nothing
Even when he told them his plan they thought he was fronting
They never saw his vision so how could they ever see him
Somehow, someway he'd give them something to believe in
Dropped a couple flows then he hit them with the CD
Rocked a couple tours then he popped up on the TV
Hear'em in surround sound, see the man in 3D
Now they got their hands out beggin' him like feed me
Never finished college but the step to him like teach me
This was long before any of y'all listen to Yeezy
Look at him you'll see me, can you hear me now?
Been building myself up so no one can tear me down. Even now...
Got my eyes wide, ears sharp, finger on the pulse
Use my voice for express delivery straight to your thoughts
However I observe it, whether I seen or heard it
Always find a way to word it, for certain, til the picture's perfect fa'sho, eh!


Do you hear what I hear?
Do you see what I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Do you see what I see?

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