Who Sang The Verge? Substantial feat. Steph, the Sapphic Songstress

Steph, the Sapphic Songstress Home Is Where the Art Is cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-9-4
length: 4:23
producer: M-Phazes

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Thy angels watch me through the night
Till I wake to morning's light

[Verse 1]
Him and his wife stuck together for the kids right?
But the situation's left hand dap, it ain't right
They argue and pick fights, noon to midnight
Hopefully these verbal exchanges don't lead to fist fights
He says to himself he want to get this right
But the voice in his head is softer than Brian McKnight's
He wanna max well, that failed in spite
Of a gallant effort and a plethora of insight, which might
Be the reason he ain't slept in 6 nights
Now a bottle of brown liquor is his vice
Things continue to go wrong with Miss Right
Damn, this ain't what he had planned... for his life
Stares deep into the mirror and dislikes
The man staring back at him now he wish life
Would just come to an end, he should think twice
No turning back when that last breath leave you windpipe
The Devil's a lie and he will entice you
When you feel real low and your shit's tight too
Your fire and desire becomes a dim light
Now each day he pray something that’ll ignite
And spark his soul once again despite
The recent challenges he's facing are a bit trife
Meanwhile he sending better days am invite
So close to the edge, soon to be in-flight. Hold on!

[Hook x2]
He's on the verge
And it seems that she's on the verge
And it seems that we on the verge
Then we're so close to the edge

[Verse 2]
Sometimes I even feel like it's easier to exit
And I understand why so many brothers jetted
When life's hell hard to tell when you're blessed
Can't have a testimony until you're tested
And for me and my siblings who are a sextet
We've received death threats even been molested
Running most of our lives ain't get to rest yet
Like us beating the odds is our best bet
And as a teen almost got a youngin pregnant
Livin' fast chasin' that ass unprotected
Lame trying to get in the game with no helmet
Fool trying to be cool and smoother than velvet
It was suggested that I go get tested
Thankfully, I'm negative that's what the test said
Attitude's positive the opposite of wretched
Cut off what's killing me like Grand Daddy left leg
What the Blood clot?! Family ties with red thread
Bloodline hold me together whenever faced by the dreaded
Man this wicked world is so infested
With roaches and rats, suckers with gats dead set
On leaving bullets embedded in your head set
This the main world I known since I used to bed wet
Up's where we're headed
Give a brother credit
I maintain and ain't fall of the edge yet
Give thanks


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